Magic & Miracles Journal

A Mindset & Manifestation Journal

A brain-based approach to boosting your confidence, belief in yourself, joy, happiness, and satisfaction while manifesting more magic and miracles in your life.

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A Note From The Author

Hi! My name is Diana Sofia, I’m the author of the Magic & Miracles Journal, and I’m on a mission to empower at least 1 million purpose-driven, heart-led women to step into their power, build unshakable confidence and belief in themselves and their capabilities so they can build a life and business/career that makes them jump out of bed in excitement in the morning! This journal supports this mission, and I already thank you from the bottom of my heart for ordering a copy for yourself!

What will this journal do for you if you use it daily or semi-daily?

Here is what you can expect to experience when you use this journal. It will:

  1. Boost your confidence and belief in yourself
  2. Expand your gratitude, joy, happiness, and satisfaction
  3. Deepen your self-knowledge
  4. Transform unmet expectations, challenges, and “failures” into wisdom and growth
  5. Help identify areas of growth and healing
  6. Rewire your identity and self-concept
  7. Rewire your brain to seek the positive and adopt a more optimistic outlook on your present and past

What Customers Are Saying...


  • An Audio version of the journal for you to listen, and re-listen as many times as you want.
  • Journaling prompts to uncover your values.
  • Journaling prompts to uncover your needs.
  • Links and suggestions to additional ways to know yourself and deepen your self-exploration.
  • A tapping sequence to interrupt negative spirals and to process moments of failure.
  • Sample journaling pages and other examples.
  • An explanation of the visualization exercise I use to embody and call in what I desire (plus a link to my favorite playlist with heart-opening songs to listen to while you visualize)

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Meet Diana Sofia

Diana Sofia is a heart-led Hypnotherapist, Speaker, Subconscious Reprogramming Expert, and Mindset & Nervous System Regulation Coach. She helps purpose-driven female entrepreneurs expand their impact, joy, and income by guiding them to 1) clear their limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, self-doubt, fears, and self-sabotage. And 2) regulate their nervous system/emotions to feel safe taking action towards their dreams and goals, achieving them, and enjoying them. She uses methodologies like hypnosis, EFT/tapping, and Rapid Resolution Therapy® to facilitate deep healing and rapid transformations in her clients so they can step into their power, continue to take bold action, and show up with confidence, power, and authenticity in their businesses and lives. Find her on Instagram @iamDianaSofia or listen to her podcast “In Your Power” for a boost of empowerment and inspiration.

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