Who is Diana Sofia?

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Diana Sofia is a heart-led Hypnotherapist, Speaker, Subconscious Reprogramming Expert, and Mindset & Nervous System Regulation Coach. She helps purpose-driven female entrepreneurs expand their impact, joy, and income by guiding them to 1) clear their limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, self-doubt, fears, and self-sabotaging behaviors. And 2) regulate their nervous system/emotions to feel safe taking action towards their dreams and goals, achieving them, and enjoying them.

She uses methodologies like hypnosis, EFT/tapping, and Rapid Resolution TherapyĀ® to facilitate deep healing and rapid transformations in her clients so they can step into their power, continue to take bold action, and fully show up with confidence, power, and authenticity in their business and life.Ā Find her on Instagram @iamDianaSofia for a boost of empowerment and inspiration.

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